The Ashland Invitational Poker Club™ is Ashland, Oregon's classic American home game. It was founded in its current form in 1993 and is advised by a "Council of Elders" consisting of the two longest-sitting Regulars. (The fact that these two are the most "chronologically advanced" of the Game's players should in no way encourage referring to the advisory body as the "Council of the Elderly.")

The Game is a weekly dealer's choice poker game. Wild cards are anathema. Stakes are strictly determined by tradition. Rewards and punishments are timely and significant. (See the Hall of Fame and the Alcove of Infamy.) A roster of played games is available. A complete expression of the Game's strongly held beliefs is set forth in The Credo.

The Ashland Invitational Poker Club™ has, at present, ten nominal Regulars. In an effort to limit play to a single table, the advisory council has strongly recommended against the extension of new player invitations unless and until a seat is vacated. This is, to put it genteelly, unlikely to occur anytime soon.

For information about the Regulars, the current Standings, the Hall of Fame, or the Alcove of Infamy , select the appropriate link as pages become available. Check back for Ashland Invitational Poker Club™ branded product.

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